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For best listening experience use at least 2.1ch sound system or a pair of neodymium magnet ( 40mm) headphones + freq. response of 5 Hz - 25 kHz + gold-plated connector (I'm using Creative HQ-1600 and Sony XBA-C10, or get yourself the XBA-4 the XBA-3, which is, surprisingly, superior despite the lower price (though still pricey) Oh forget them, Razer Hammerhead is far superior).

If the music bar stops playing mid-track, try other browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, or the tardy Internet Explorer if things are getting dire. And did I mention there are  LOTS of limits here, like ads on the footer (try AdBlock), no dynamically scalable wallpaper...?

Though I don't really listen to contemporary music, I do listen to anime music (head over to the Entropy site) since I watch them in astronomical quantity for my English proficiency and also my 日本語 conquering endeavour  and... aah~ many of the songs used there are ステキ!!I can't tolerate most of the 'full version' however. But of course there are exceptions. And for that I use Adobe Audition to cut out the cancer.

It isn't just your internet connection (or your internet service provider) but YouTube is throttling video streaming speed

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